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Hoppy beers may be all the rage but traditional European styles have quietly staged a resurgence in the craft world and the Midwest has several breweries making some crisp, true-to-style Old World lagers begging to be enjoyed on the warmest of summer days. This summer at Naperville Ale Fest, we’ll be featuring some of the best lagers the region has to offer in our Lager Lane tent. Get a taste of these refreshing thirst quenchers that offer a lighter, but full-flavored alternative to other styles

Below are a few of the lagers that will be featured in the Lager Lane tent at Naperville Ale fest this summer.

Metropolitan – Krankshaft Kolsch

An homage to styles brewed in Cologne, Germany combining ale yeast and long lagering fermentation, Krankshaft Kolsch is Metropolitan’s flagship beer that features light, grassy and somewhat funky farmhouse aromas and a light body. Tasting faintly of honey and bready malts, Krankshaft finishes on an herbal, slightly bitter note while maintaining fairly sweet character throughout. As far as thirst quenching beers go, you won’t find many that scratch the itch for warm weather beers the way this Kolsch does.

Baderbrau – Chicago Pilsner

An authentic Czech-style pilsner, Baderbrau touts this brew as THE Chicago pilsner; perfect for everyday drinking. Chicago pilsner was first brewed in 1989 by Pavechevich Brewing and resurrected by Baderbrau, it’s hard to argue with this pilsners drinkability; it’s crisp, clean, slightly floral and undeniably refreshing with just enough hop bite to round out a smooth, dry finish. It’s an approachable beer for both beer novices and beer enthusiasts alike, bringing the familiar taste of light beers with the nuance you expect from a craft brew.

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